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 I am an RN specializing in the removal of unwanted veins.  I have been performing Sclerotherapy treatment, vein injections, for over 25 years.  Results can be dramatic and helping people to feel better about their appearance is thoroughly rewarding!

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  •     All treatment is considered cosmetic.  

    • I treat only medium blue-green veins, and red-purple spider veins on several areas of the body, but mostly on the legs​

    • Some have minor symptoms with these veins, but by industry standards most insurances consider it cosmetic

    • Most do well in 2-5 Treatments.  

  • I offer a self-service approach when it comes to scheduling vein treatment. 

    • The quickest way to make an appointment is scheduling it online  

    • A consultation is $50.  If you start treatment within six months, $25 is credited back at your first treatment.

    • Most like to have treatment on the first visit.  If so, the consultation fee is waived.

  •     If you would prefer me to call you to schedule your appointment, I am happy to do so. 

    • I understand you may have a lot of questions.  There is helpful information on my website at

    • Calls are reserved for clients in treatment and scheduling purposes.  Kindly save your questions or info related to your veins, for when we meet in person.  

  •     You should first meet with a physician that specializes in venous problems if...

    • ​Your veins bulge and protrude beneath the skin - especially on the inside of your legs

    • Suffer with leg restlessness, swelling, heaviness or other symptoms 

    • You are uncertain or are hoping to get insurance reimbursement

    • Ignoring larger underlying problems may yield poor cosmetic results 

    • For more information go to: mayo clinic


  •   For more in depth information regarding treatment, I encourage you to go to my website:

  • When you are ready to schedule...

    • Book online now

      • I will get a notification when you book online 

    • Request a callback: 770-972-4845 x195 or Text:  470-260-2577

I look forward to the opportunity of restoring you to a healthier, more natural-looking appearance.


    Gail Wenner, RN


Georgia Dermatology Partners

Medical Plaza 1,1515 River Place, Braselton

2383 Pate Street, Snellville


770-972-4845 x195



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