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Patient Form

In order to confirm your appointment, at your earliest convenience please fill out the form below.  

For your first visit...

  • Plan an hour for your appointment

  • Bring a pair of shorts or a bathing suit to change into

  • Avoid heavy use of lotions and oils on the day of treatment

  • You may shave the morning of treatment

  • Best not to tan or apply tanning lotions a prior to your treatment - what is harder for you to see, is the same for me

  • You may drive after your treatment 

  • Compression stockings after treatment are not necessary

  •  You may elevate for up to an hour after treatment

  • Resume normal activities but avoid high impact exercise up to a few days afterward

If you are not a current patient at Georgia Dermatology Partners...

Please register online at...

  • Option 1:

  • Option 2:  Click one of the links that corresponds with your appointment location...

​*You do not need to provide insurance information for cosmetic procedures

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